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Boy friend and Girl Friend

Girl: How much do you love me?
Boy: My heart is a mobile
and you are its SIM
Boy: Ooh god I am soo lucky
She doesn’t know that my
Mobile is dual SIM.

Before Marriage

Man before marriage is like Airtel…
“Aisi Azaadi or kahaan”
After Marriage He’s like Hutch..
“Wherever U go our Network Follows”

Nirmal Baba and Cricket IPL

Ashish Nehra ::: Nirmal Baba Ko koti koti Pranam
Asish Nehra: Baba meri IPL mein bahut Dhulai hoti hai. 😦 . Nirmal baba: Match fix karte ho? . Nehra: karta hu baba. Baba: batsman ko Daat dikhate ho.:unsure: . Nehra: Ji baba 32 ke 32 dikhata hu.:-D . (Baba tensd and thnking) Baba: Gali dete ho? . Nehra: ji baba, Kohli se achi achi gali sikh li. . (baba getng angry) Baba: Helmet pehen te ho? . Nehra: Nahi baba. . Baba: YESS. yahi pe kripa rukh rahi hai, Bike ka helmet pehen ke bowling karo Kripa aani shuru ho jayegi

TITANIC bahut zabardast film thi, Par ek raaz jo sab ko nahi pata… Wo ye hai ki.. Titanic ki puri shooting Rajnikanth ke BATH TAB mein hui thi….

Nirmal Baba Joke

Nirmal Baba:- Aaj Tatti karne gaye the..??

Bhakt:- Han baba gaya tha

Baba:- Kab gaye..??

Bhakt:- Subah gaya tha Baba ji..

Baba:- Bass yehi kripa ruki huyi hai…aisa hai ki Kal se subah shaam dono time jana shuru karo

Kripa aani shuru ho jayegi..!! 🙂

About Girls

Girls who say “Lots of guys are after me” should never forget that low prices attract the most customers :P:P

Sweeter Defeats :- Why do we run to help a frnd even after a bitter quarrel..
Y do we feel pleasure in teasing the one we luv,
Y are we consoled only by d 1 who made us cry..
Y do we love one even when they hate us !!!!
Because in life sum defeats are sweeter than Victory ♥
Life is so short to realize this just feel it,, love it,, and live it ♥
u never knw wen u will lose the one u need more in ur life ……

We at Google are extremly sorry for not finding any result for the term “RAJINIKANTH”. Plus, please let us know if you get any information about him.

The happiest people do not have the best of everything, they simply make the best of everything ♥

Wo mohabbat bhi teri thi,vo shararat bhi teri thi,Agar kuch bewafai thi…toh vo bewafai bhi teri thi…

Hum chor gaye tera shehar,toh vo hidayat bhi teri thi,

Aakhir karte toh kisse karte tumhari shikayat…”Ae Dost”…Vo shehar bhi tera tha or vo adalat bhi teri thi…