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facebook status

Hum apni zindgi mein har kisi ko iss liye Ehmiyet dete hain…!!!

Joh acha hoga woh khushi dega, Joh bura hoga woh sabak dega…..

Aur yaha sabak bahut se mila ..!!!

Facebook status

You And Your Feelings
Are Important To Your
They Are Single!!!

Good thought

“Mistakes, Failures & Rejections”
Are The Part Of PrOgress & GrOwth!
NobOdy Ever Achieved Anything

Worth Without Facing These 3 Things….!!

For Facebook Status

U need 2 persons in Ur life..

A cute person who promises

not to break Ur heart. & a best frnd

to kick that person if he breaks Ur Heart..

facebook status

Wen a person cannot answer
your questions directly..
Probably the answer is too painful
for you to know or too hard for them to admit..!!
Gud eve. 🙂
TkeCre.. 🙂 🙂 🙂

About Relationship

There r always 4 people involved in a relationship:

1) the boy
2) the girl
3) the EX who keeps on disturbing
4) sum1 who silently waits for d breakup…
:D:p gud evening

Kabhi Na Aaye Mere Saath Chalke,
Hamesha Gaye Muje Barbaad Karke,
Agar Kabhi Aa Jao Meri Mayaat Pe,
To Keh Dena Abhi Soye Hain Tujhe Yaad Karke !! Gudnyt

Facebook Status

Locks are never make without a key.
Similarly GOD never gives problems without solutions..
Only we need to have patience to Unlock them.. 🙂

World’s best friend message


They love you but they are not your love.
They care for you but they are not from your family.
They are ready to share your pain but they are not in your blood relation.
They are… Friends ! True friend scolds like a Dad !
Cares like a Mom ! Irritates like a Sister !
Teases like a Brother ! And finally loves you more than a lover.
Send to all your special best friends who mean a lot to you..

Meri Or Katrina Ki 1 Adat Same Hai
çççGuess What?
çççNa Main Usay MSG Karti Hon,
çççNa Wo Mujhe MSG Karti Hai:)