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For Facebook Status

U need 2 persons in Ur life..

A cute person who promises

not to break Ur heart. & a best frnd

to kick that person if he breaks Ur Heart..

Facebook Status

Locks are never make without a key.
Similarly GOD never gives problems without solutions..
Only we need to have patience to Unlock them.. 🙂

Bill GATES Said in Interview

BILL GATES Said in Interview..

“I Always Chose A Lazy Person
2 Do a Difficult Job Bcoz,
Definitely He will Find An Eazy
Way 2 Finish it early….”

Nice thought

” When v sit alone,
v sit more wid our past”..
bt remembr,
Past is a nice place jst to visit;
Not to stay…!

facebook status

The purpose of relationship
is not to have someone
who makes U complete…..
But to have someone with
whom U can share your incompleteness..!!

Wo kuchh is trah se khafa hote hai,
na hotho si kuchh kehte hai,
na dil ki sunte hai unki berukhi
itni dil nashi hai wo roz khafa hote hai
hum roz fida hote hai.

Kastiya Rah Jati Hai

Kastiya rah jati hai
Tufa chale jate hai
Yaad reh jati hai
Insan chale jate hai
Pyar kam nahi hota
Kisi ke dur jane se
Bus dard hota hai
unki yaad ane se…