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facebook status

Wen a person cannot answer
your questions directly..
Probably the answer is too painful
for you to know or too hard for them to admit..!!
Gud eve. πŸ™‚
TkeCre.. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚


About Relationship

There r always 4 people involved in a relationship:

1) the boy
2) the girl
3) the EX who keeps on disturbing
4) sum1 who silently waits for d breakup…
:D:p gud evening

Facebook Status

Locks are never make without a key.
Similarly GOD never gives problems without solutions..
Only we need to have patience to Unlock them.. πŸ™‚

Lve is not to say

Love is not to say,
But to understand.
Love is not to show,
But to feel inside.
β™₯ Love is not to find faults,
But to make the best.
Love is not to demand,
But to sacrifice.
β™₯ Love is not to hurt,
But to take care of.
Love is not blind,
But it doesn’t need to see….β™₯β™₯

Bhikhari Facebook friend

ek rich ladki ne signal pr khde
se kaha.. Arey maine aapko kahin
dekha hai.
Bhikari bola.. Memsaab apun tumhara
FACEBOOkfrnd hai… Ha ha ha.:D

Devdas ki tarah jaan mat do yaro
Pyar ko lath maro

Meri bat mano

Na chandramukhi na paro

Roz raat 1 kingfisher maro aur chain se zindagi gujaro

mehfil na hoti nazare na hote
yo chand ke pehul mein sitare na hote
hum isliya karte hai appki pravah kyoki
dil ke karib sirf chahne wale hote hai

Wo kuchh is trah se khafa hote hai,
na hotho si kuchh kehte hai,
na dil ki sunte hai unki berukhi
itni dil nashi hai wo roz khafa hote hai
hum roz fida hote hai.