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Mujhe teri mohabbat mein kho jaane doh,
Har lamha mar ke aaj phir jee jaane doh,
Isse mahobbat ne dil ko aajphir dhadkaya hai,
Mujhe ishq ki baaho mein so jaane doh,
Tadap ki aag hai judaai ki baahon mein,
Mujhe aaj iss mohabbat se mil jaane doh,
Meri saans chalti hai tere naam ki aahat pe,
Mujh benaam ko iss naam mein kho jaane doh,
Kasam tujhe chalne wali hawaon ki”,
Mujhe iss mohabbat ki aag mein jal jaane do. ♥

Every Sunrise

“Every Sunrise Delivers Opportunities,

While Every Sunset Asks What We Did

With Opportunities”? Make The Best Today

Good Morning

“Raat bhar jo so na sakain tere

yaad main” “A DOST” “Wahi

udaas Aankhain subha ka

“SALAM kehti hain.”


Good thought

“Mistakes, Failures & Rejections”
Are The Part Of PrOgress & GrOwth!
NobOdy Ever Achieved Anything

Worth Without Facing These 3 Things….!!

The golden words in love is

“dnt cry in luv” bcoz 4 whom u r crying

doesn’t deserve ur tears .the persom

who deserve it will never let u cry.

Santa Banta jokes

Santa: iss duniya me kitne desh hain?
Banta: arey pagal is duniya me ek hi to desh hai “india”

baaki sab to videsh evng,

31 States, 1618 Languages, 6400 Castes,

6 Religion, 6 Ethnic Groups, 29 Major

festivals and 1 Country! Be Proud to

be an Indian!!! Happy Independence Day!!!

Good thing sms

:Pperfect fdship is not in phone calls or in Msg.!
‘Its the silent smile in your heart wen you think of your lovable ones’.!!

Good moring

Every morning  you have two choices:

continue to sleep with dreams or wake

up and chase your dreams.  The choice

is yours…. Gudmorning.

I am your Friend

Wen u win, i’ll proudly tel the world
“hey! Thats my friend”
bt wen u lose, i’ll sit by ur side, & hold ur hand & say,
“hey! I am ur friend”